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Inquiring about a new project?

Depending on the type of project, we'll need to know certain information before we can make a reasonable estimate.  For all projects, let us know the name of your company or organization, estimated budget if any, and the expected timefra for completion, and when you would like to start.

For Websites
Is there an existing website to be redesigned, or is it a completely new site?  Are there brand guidelines in place or is a new look and feel desired?  Which services do you want:  web strategy, site architecture, visual design, copywriting, CSS templates, site development, content management system integration, or rich media development?

For Video
What is the purpose of the video?  How do you intend to use it:  website, youtube, tradeshow?  How long do you expect the video to be?  Do you have a script or storyboard already?  Do you have the visual assets to be used or will it require custom art?  Did you have a style in mind?

For Mobile
Do you want a mobile site or mobile app?  Do you know what functionality you want to support?  Do you have a workflow defined?

For Social
Does your company have a Facebook presensce?  How many followers do you currently have?  Do you sell product or services online?


Interprezo is a network of web professionals that offers all the services of an interactive agency, but without the fluff and padding. Because we are nimble, we can react quickly, make decisions, and get things done at the speed of business. We specialize in corporate websites, Facebook campaigns, video demos,and mobile websites and apps, an offer the same services as a website design agency, a mobile design agency, or a video agency. Our main office is a San Francisco agency to serve businesses nationwide. Our offices in Belize and Bangkok allow us to be price competitive with off-shore website agencies, without sacrificing the quality and streamlined communicatons of a local web design agency.